Our Commitment:

      "In the Pursuit of Uncommon, High Yield Investment Opportunities, You Can Count on Us to Always Find the Way"



Welcome to Stonehenge Capital Research

Stonehenge Capital Research is a financial consultancy that is committed to identifying innovative investment opportunities with a focus on high performance capital appreciation strategies.

In order to achieve better risk to reward ratios we will often seek opportunities in niche, emerging or even existing markets where factors of change have created previously negligible or non-existent rewards.

Of primary importance, is the preservation of capital in today’s dollar distressed economy. For those we have found and continue to seek a variety of commodities based solutions to both protect and grow significantly their current wealth.

Oil, Gold, Forestry, and select Real Estate are words that provide a glimpse into the essence of core projects, past and present.

DISCLAIMER: We do not offer investment, legal, or tax advice. Nor are we licensed to do so. Hence, this online publication is intended for information purposes only. No statement or expression of opinion directly or indirectly, is an offer, solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any specific investment instruments or shares in privately held companies. Stonehenge Capital Research does not assume any liability. Also, we strongly urge you to consult a professional investment advisor prior to making any investment decisions. It is the responsibility of the readers to evaluate for themselves the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any opinion, advise or other content presented in this publication.