Our Commitment:

      "In the Pursuit of Uncommon, High Yield Investment Opportunities, You Can Count on Us to Always Find the Way"



About Us

Our Company President is a seasoned entrepreneur who in recent years has been instrumental in a number of significant financings in the global oil & gas and mining industries, and has an acumen for finding niche opportunities.

Drawing upon a university background in computer programming and Internet development, he has also cultivated a particular flair for analytical problem solving. Such a skill set can be regarded as a particularly valuable asset in the increasingly challenging realm of developing innovative and creative investment strategies.

In this regard, he provides Stonehenge Capital Research with the necessary blend of vision, pragmatism and innovation that promises to act as a potent catalyst for the Company’s future success.

In turn, we are thus able to offer investors a wealth of innovative and uncommon strategies. Paradigms that should allow investors to customize their own financial solutions to achieve the ultimate goal of risk-adjusted, high performance-oriented capital appreciation.

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